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Maybelline colossal range review

Hiii all, hope everything is going fine!! Today I am going to review yet another Maybelline's productThis product is going to be very interesting because, Maybelline's first product to launch was a mascara. I got this soon after it was launched in India but posting it now..

Okie let me share a story which you might probably know. Its okie read on,this is my version of it. A girl called Mabel used to apply kohl by mixing Vaseline with coal dust to her eyelashes to make it look fuller and thicker. Her brother thought he must help his sis with it and did some study in chemistry and brought out an amazing mascara product(What a brother uh ?? my brother would say go wash your make up..!!). That's how the name "Maybelline" came. Okie without any further ado, I will start with the mascara I'm holding on.

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline claims:

Its unique formula plumps lashes, one by one, giving your eyelashes dramatic volume. Apply on a single coat and voila! You’re ready for the party!
Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Comes with a patented Mega Brush which prevents clumping
• Has a unique formula that plumps eyelashes
• Comes in waterproof and washable variants
• Can be easily removed with soap and water 

How to use-

Apply it from root to tip. Keep the brush close to your roots, wiggle a bit and slowly take it out reaching the very end of the lash.

My personal views about this product:


This one does make a difference when  applied, It opens up our eyes and giving us fresh look  all day long. It makes my lashes look thicker and longer. Its a good product to use when we go out for birthday party or even for everyday use. This doesn't make us look like we applied grease on our lashes unless we din apply it properly.


 It comes in a cute yellow bottle with a  cap. It's easy to carry even though it looks big.I love the color combo- yellow & purple. (Well we cannot carry it in our jean pocket without looking funny :D)


It has a fine bristles which doesn't clump our lashes. We just need to apply it properly to get a dramatic looking lashes. 

Staying Power-

This stays put for 7+hours on our eyes. While removing it with face wash, it goes off in little chaps, but completely goes off if we use a makeup remover.


It is waterproof as Maybelline claims. It can stand the tears,drizzle even if you pour a bucket of water.


It's a budget friendly mascara if you want a good brand and with super good quality.

Maybelline colossal kajal review

My personal views about this product:

Staying Power-

It stays for long time better than eyeconic kajal if you are wondering. This product does smudge.


It gives dark or jet black color pay off. The only thing that turns me off is, we should have only  little product out of the can otherwise it tends to break while applying, Mine breaks often.


It gives a nice matte black color. We will love it once applied. Actually I think it's a mixture of black and gray don't know why I get that feel.

Availability -

In malls and even almost all shopping websites. 


It is soft but not the softest. Better than other kohl in this price line i would say.

What I think could have been better:


It breaks and breaks my heart too. How many of you closed it with the cap when the product is still out? I did it many times.


This is water-resistant, but not water proof. It does fade away when rubbed with water. This is not an issue for me but for some it might be.


This does smudge a bit and needs re-application.

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  1. Thanks for that review - I heard so many good things about this mascara and want to try it!

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  2. I keep meaning to try this mascara but I never pick it up! and I have never seen this liner! loved the post

  3. I love mayblline colossal range...n the pics you clicked..they are gorgeous hun :)