Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rome Cruise - Day One

The day I landed in Rome...

Today being my birthday, I am very much excited to start away by writing about my birthday trip to Italy, which covered Rome, Vatican City, Pisa, and Venice. This blog is all about beautiful fountains and the famous Spanish steps in Rome.
The first being Navona Square, which is one of the largest squares in Rome. This is a significant Roman architecture and artwork of the 15th century.

The scenery was really nice and then I thought to myself that the Roman architecture definitely stands out.

This is called the Fountain of Four Rivers, which represents the four World Rivers such as The Danube, The Nile, The Ganges and The Platte.

There were other two fountains, depicting fights between Neptune and Octopus.

Then I went to Pantheon, which was designed to be a temple, to all Roman Gods in the 27 BC. 

The ceiling of the Pantheon is the famous dome, as it is planned in such a manner that it doesn’t need any pillars for support. It suffered a hole for bringing in light and also to create the roof easier. The marble floor is the original one, fought very well till date.

These Corinthian columns were brought from Egypt, each of them weighing about 60 tons. The bronze doors, which is rectangular weighs about 20 tons each.

And so I got to the Trevi Fountain, which is the large artwork, which was awesome and it supposedly took 30 years for its culmination. This fountain depicts, Roman gods riding a seashell chariot.

I posed and clicked few pictures.

And so I passed to the Spanish steps, which is the extensive step in Europe. It has a church and had dozens of artists displaying their work.


The Spanish stairs are where almost everyone sat and relaxed, as it was one such days with the sun being bright yet the air was cold.

I saw this little one crawling and managed to climb almost 140 steps, to reach the church. I could see everyone watching this cutie pie, crawling his way upward.

In the next blog, I will share a beautiful love story at Trevi Fountain...


  1. Good to know about these places. Awestruck. Romans taught us the culture & living. Perfect writing and detail. Good work sis. Keep going.

    1. Andrew you are the first one to comment on the blog. I would never ever forget this comment as it is the first. Yeah I was just admiring whole Rome. Thank you.