Sunday, 23 November 2014

Best Chapstick Lip balm

Left- Right : Pink lolita, Tangerine pop, Pink guava, Vaseline rosy lips, bebe young care, Neutrogena 

Hi all !! How's life ? Sorry for the disappearance. I promise you all I will be blogging frequently from now on. I missed blogging. By the way I have so much to share with you friends. All the ghost make up includes cracked lips but then why to have it in our everyday face ? Lets get to know more about chap sticks and get rid of those ghost lips.
When i was in my teens.
Dad: Which is your favourite color ?
Me: Pink !!

Dad: Pink dress right ?
Me: Pink is girly.. Yellow is Happy color.. Green is pleasant..
 Dad: Sigh! Which one do you want ?
Me: One in each color :D
Dad: :O

Likewise my first tinted lip balm was in pink color then i kept changing.

Maybelline lip balm

Maybelline baby lips Pink Lolita :

Tangerine pop & Pink Lolita
My favorite lip balm This is one of those lip balms which replaces lipstick. Such pretty rosy pink shade which has hints of berry to it. Will look good on every skin tone. This makes lips soft and little shiny. I won't say it heels badly cracked lips but does a good job of keeping lips soft once applied. It stays on the lips for 4-5 hours. When I wear this my friends question me about this. So I recommend this one to all. We won't regret buying this one.
Price: Rs.165

Maybelline baby lip Tangerine pop

This is the second generation of baby lips -Bright new collection range. Tangerine pop is coral orange shade. This one looks very very pretty in sunlight. My lips get a better kind of shade. Packaging is similar to 1st generation except that they have replaced the fevistick kind of look which we could be  seen in the above picture and contains SPF 16. According to me staying power of pink lolita is better than this. This stays for 2-3 hours on the lips. 
Price: Rs.150

Maybelline Color Bloom Lip Balm

Looks colorless in the tube but when applied changes color. Pigmentation is not much, but shows a hint of pink on your lips. Contains SPF, which is a bonus. While applying we will feel like it melts upon the touch on our lips. Staying power is 3 hours. Moisturizing but needs frequent reapplication. 
Price: Rs.135

Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips

   Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips

A non glossy lip balm. This one contains SPF 16.Does cover up pigmented lips. Need to swipe at least thrice to get the color pay off, love the color, but is viewable only for some time and then fades away. For people who doesn't like a glossy lip balm this will be a go to product. I am not happy with the packaging. Cap is loose and comes out often. 
Price: Rs. 109

Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava

Pink Guava

Aww.. Look at the color in the picture. Love this one. This one replaces the need for a gloss. Glossy juicy lip balm. Love the fragrance and feel like eating it while applying. It has an amusing  property of making lips look fuller. Moisturises lips and stays for 3 hours. Color pay off is good. Its a pinkish berry color. I am sure lips will be happy once applied. Does help cracked lips a lot. 
Price: Rs. 135

Bebe Young Care Lip balm 

Left - Right: Bebe young, Nivea Pink Guava, Vaseline rosy lips
German based lip product. Never seen such a matte lip balm in my life. Berry shade, can be intensified by two to three swipes. Does not heel cracked lips, but this can be used as a lip stain more than a lip balm. This is not available in India, but don't worry my fellow Indians we can miss this product. The only thing I like about this one is color.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer.

Left- Right : Pink lolita, Tangerine pop, Pink guava, Vaseline rosy lips, bebe young care

Best Best Best of all lip balms I would say. No matter how cracked my lips can get this can help it in a few minutes. It doesn't have any color. Transparent, tasteless, scentless with SPF 15 but when applied this makes my lips look healthy and less pigmented. I would recommend everyone to get this lip balm no matter whether you are a boy or girl. The only thing that scares is the description" For external use only, If swallowed, contact poison control centre right away. I would say apply this after eating, never before. 
Price: Rs. 130

I will be posting lip balm tubes in my next blog until then bubye !