Thursday, 13 March 2014

About this Page...

A quick introduction about myself and why I started this blog.. 

This is Ash. I am currently put up in Bangalore. I love traveling to different places and to meet new people. Once I finish my trip I generally share my pictures and views on Facebook and to my surprise, some of my friends developed interest in traveling and took itinerary from me. That very moment, I realized how important it is that every person gets right information that too if it's from a person who has experience in it that makes the task easy and enjoyable. Then, I thought why shouldn't I help my extended friends, whom I might not have met or spoken to till date, by writing my adventures which could help like-minded people to enjoy my experiences.

Also, I am happy and really willing to share my experiences in cooking, which is in the learning path actually, that I had and have in the art of cooking. Hope you all like it. Moreover my sister is interested a lot in makeup and cosmetics review which she would do when she gets hold of any new product in hand. Occasionally I write product reviews too, if I find any product in my vanity that good to be let known to all my friends out here.  All these efforts started only after my best friend and my hubby insisted to do so, as it could benefit all my friends and my extended friends to be formed through blogging.

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