Thursday, 20 March 2014

Vatican City - The Holy See

This post is about the smallest country, the Vatican City. I had a heavy breakfast at my hotel as I knew it’s going to be a long day. It was so serene and calm as soon as I entered the Vatican City. I had full spirit and energy to walk the whole country. After all, it’s a small one, yet the most beautiful and powerful one.  There were fathers and nuns around, many in number, all around the city. I could hear the word ‘’ signorina’’ and ‘’Gracie’’ all around. I walked through the artwork and splendid paintings in the Vatican City, mostly the duplicates of the famed Italian sculptor and painter Michelangelo. The masters were found in the famous Vatican museum. As learned from many who had been to Vatican City, I followed them, by starting my journey from the 500-year-old museum, which had 3000 years old sculptures and several other works of many sculptors and painters, notably of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. I will blank out the remainder for your eyes to peek through...

The Ceiling filled with paintings in Vatican Museum.

The Stonehenge picture painted on the Jar.

The staircase had Artwork.

There happens to be a long queue always at St. Peter's Basilica, which remains one of the largest churches in the world.  This is the famous place of pilgrimage, so I stood in the line for nearly 1 hour. This waiting time didn't go waste; I managed to click a few pictures of the long queue and St Peter’s Square.  St Peter’s crucifixion took place near an ancient 4000-year-old Egyptian obelisk, which stands tall in Saint Peter’s Square. St Peter’s Square stands right in front of the St Peter’s Basilica. After a long wait, I entered the Basilica, which has the tallest Dome in the world (448.1 ft). Wherever I open my eye, be it any corner of the Basilica I can only start to see sculptures and paintings which just doesn't let me pass by without drawing into its details. Take a look here...
Bronze Sphere

Inside Basilica

Famous Michelangelo's Sculpture

The Roof had this painting.

Shrine built upon St Peter's Grave 

Paintings all the way up on the Dome

I decided to go up, on the Dome to have a look at the whole Vatican City and the Rome. I couldn't proceed halfway through; it was becoming steeper as I go up. I could not back out, nor proceed further because I was in the center of the line even there. The steps were narrowing up, initially when we started at the ground level of the Dome, it was around 7 to 10 people climbing up with me, but as it got narrower, it has been just one person at a time while climbing towards the climax. I received a thick rope to grab on those extremely narrow steps. So I understood why old aged and heart patients were not allowed up. I have never trekked before, but I can say I have already done trekking. 

I got to the top and I was happy to have made it there. I just don’t find words to describe the beauty that I saw yet, I managed to capture as far as possible for you.... 

View of St Peter's Square.

After the mind-blowing view, again I had to climb down all the way, which was again a haunting task.But I descended with loads of joy and memories.

The principal plaza where the pope sits in the Vatican is in the Sistine chapel, where I was heading to after my mini trekking. I was just looking up and nowhere else. The famous Michelangelo’s work was speaking itself very well. The whole divine place was filling with Frescos. The massive ‘’The Last Judgement’’ by Michelangelo and ‘’the Last Supper’’ by Leonardo DA Vinci stood out. I sat down and just kept admiring the whole place and its magnificence. The prayers were done every now and then, but mostly in Italian language and finally ‘’Gracie’’ was told. I sat down and thought to myself ‘’this is where all the cardinals meet up and elect the Pope, somewhere here the powerful Pope stays.’’ No one was forced to leave and could sit up until the closing time if wanted. The crowd kept coming and eventually had to leave, so I came out with a feeling of calmness. After all, this is the place of dream for millions around the world, to be able to be there at least for once in their lifetime. Inside the Sistine chapel, no one is allowed to take pictures so I have no pictures to share.

This is how I ended my Vatican tour and yeah, I have to state that I got lucky to have a chitchat with a senior Cardinal who elects Pope. There were hundreds of people standing at the entrance of the Basilica and so did I, but Cardinal walked straight to me and spoke to me, allowed me to click a few pictures with him and blessed me. I will tell in a detailed story about the conversation, which I had with the Cardinal in the next post.

Till then Cheers...


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    1. Thanks a ton Vikashini this means a lot to me.

  2. Awesome Aish!!I really enjoy your blogs. Well written! Love the expertly taken pics as well :)

    1. Wach I have always known you for ur way of speaking your heart out. I am so glad that you enjoy reading my blog. This is the much awaited encouragement for the effort I have put in. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi Ash! I love hearing about your experience traveling. Next year I will have a chance to do some traveling in Europe, and Vatican City is on my list. It looks so beautiful, especially on top of the dome!

  4. Iam so glad you expressed your thoughts. Ofcourse Vatican is a must place to visit. Hope you make it next year and enjoy yourself well.

  5. while reading , i felt that blog is not coming from some expert traveler. Add some more description with photos