Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bourjois haul + Free Bourjois Handbag

This is how it started. I strolled into the mall. Maybelline called me...But Bourjois screamed to me. I went around the stall and tested many products. I fell in love with Bourjois Paris.(Of course, who wouldn't love anything from a place like Paris! ) I went to bill place carrying a handful of products. Anxiousness smothered me. Inside, my brain said no.. Not this much, but my heart said you can't leave this behind, they may discontinue it (Desperate me! ). At last the Heart always Wins out over the Mind is true indeed. I got these beautiful products from Bourjois and ended up paying 2.7k.

Bourjois Shine edition lipstick Mauve Tabloid 25

As the name says its pretty Mauve maroon color. I actually didn't choose this, but the sale girl gave me this by mistake. I was badly disappointed when i came home and saw this. Reluctantly, I tried it on my lips, this color impressed me. So no more regret (Yes, Smile continued). There was a buy one get one sale going on so I got one more lipstick which is below.

Price: Rs 990. 

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick 08 Rose Delicat 08

This is 100% natural lipstick. A shade which is wearable for everyday use. Such a tender pink color. Maybe MLBB for some people (MLBB- My Lips But Better). Packaging is unique. Almost everyone will love how this color looks on the lips. I am really feeling lucky as I got this for free. I will go into detail about this in another post.

Price: Rs 700.(Free) 

Bourjois Paris Levres Contour Lip Liner Enjoleuse 11

This is a nude pink color. Again an everyday shade which will suit almost all skin tone. It comes in easy to use pencil type. It is well pigmented lip liner and definer. A pink with a tint of brown in it. I like using this with sweet kiss rose delicat lipstick as it intensifies the color. This one goes with many cool toned lipstick.

Price: Rs 240. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in Shade 55.

Okie, I have been searching and searching like forever for a foundation of my skin tone and at last became tired of it. Lakme disappointed me. Mac made me happy but, I wanted one from the drugstore. If you are between NC 40- 45. This shade is perfect for you. This foundation is named correct! . This is the perfect foundation in my vanity. Love this product.

Price: Rs 1550. 

Here comes the happy ending part. If we purchase for more than 2.5K in Bourjois we get a handbag free from the same brand. A cool gray color. By the way i didn't get any dream that night :D.

The Vampire Academy series is over. Last part ~ The Last Sacrifice is a Bittersweet novel. I thought the last sacrifice would be Rose (Main Character) but it was Adrian who did it. Loved First three parts of this series much more than last three. That's it for now. See you all soon in another post. Happy weekend :)


  1. You got amazing stuff girl :)

  2. Nice bunch of goodies! I love the lipstick shade Mauve looks gorgeous. Sometimes the best beauty finds happen by accident :)

    Keisha xo

    1. I totally agree with you keisha :)

  3. I loved everything... Good choice... But the best part is the handbag... Its awesome :) Good Luck!!!!!

    1. Oh thanks a lot Leena :) Sweet of you :)

  4. great haul and love the bag :)