Monday, 31 March 2014

Cardinal and I had a chat-Vatican Times

As I had promised in the Vatican blog post, I am here to tell you about the conversation I had with the Cardinal in the picture above. After a tired trekking (As I call it) to the top of St Peter’s Basilica, I stood at the entrance of the Basilica, along with many other tourists around. I was watching the famous Swiss guards at the gates, which reminded me of my Buckingham Palace trip. They all of a sudden did their respectful march to and fro in front of the gates and there came out a very old cardinal with his walking stick. I could see everyone around capturing the Swiss Guards and the Cardinal. 
There were so many visitors trying to capture, the cardinal and the guards, but I stood still with a wide smile.  Pravin did take a few pictures which I have attached here. The cardinal to my surprise, came straight to me and asked,’’ English or...,’’. I was so happy, as he came straight to me to talk. I said, ‘English Father,’’.  He instantly said,’’ You have a real nice smile,’’.  I couldn’t just believe my ears and said, ‘Thank you Father,’’. 

He asked me if I were a Lebanese, I said no father I am an Indian. He said he had been in India for 9 years. He asked which place, Mumbai or Delhi. I said from south India. He goes on like Ernakulum, and then I was like Chennai. He said oh ‘’Madrasi?’’ I said yes father.  He stated again that he had been in India for 9 years, and asked if I were a catholic. I replied saying no. Then he said India is a beautiful country with lovely people and I thanked him again. By then there were so many people wondering, do I know him or what?  In fact, some were very jealous, which I could see in their facial expressions. Then I asked his name, the Cardinal gave his name asking if I knew the family name, I said no for which he said this is the family electing the Pope. I was like oh OK father. 
Then he said it's Friday and that’s why the guards were paying their respect. I said ok and then he went on saying he would bless me, so I gave my hand and he did bless me. I asked if I could take a picture with him, for which he agreed. There are a few...
After a lovely chat with the cardinal, this turned out to be a unique chat only with me. I marched with a smile and happiness to the famous and best-ranked Italian restaurant to have vegetable pasta with cheese and ordered their specialty dish the Carbonara. I must say it was delicious, but couldn’t finish the whole. 



  1. I loved the part wherein you have explicitly explained your conversation with the Cardinal......

  2. Thanks a lot Neha, you have made my day great.