Thursday, 13 March 2014

Indian food in Rome

Walking through the streets of Rome is pure pleasure, to see all the art and architecture. I wanted to give up at a cafĂ©, which had these potato balls to energize me, with all the carb that I need to keep walking and to enjoy the Rome. Rome was not built-in a day, so had to walk a lot of length. 

Ahead I could realize, it was lunchtime and after I got to Europe, I realized that I cannot stick around without our Indian curries. So I managed to find the famous” Mother India’’ the chain restaurant. 

Had yummy chicken Rohanjosh and ordered Lamb Biryani.

Now a day’s, my favorite is Mango Lassi, which tasted too good. 

Later, on my heavy meal, I bore the Indian traditional sweet (Jeera) which aids in digestion.

Then once again, I went to walk on the artistic streets of Rome. It was evening already and the sun was turning yellowish Orange and was a beautiful sight when I stopped by the pizza corner. 

Majority of Pizza were with beef and pork, which I don't like to eat much so I ended up with mushroom and chicken pizza which was yummy. The topping was excellent with mouth-watering cheese, tomatoes, pan-fried mushrooms, and chicken pieces. After all Pizza has, its source from Italy so can't miss it.

That's how I ended day 1, of our trip to Rome. My next blog will be, about the smallest country in the world. The most powerful one, the Vatican City. I had a chit chat with a senior most cardinal, one among the 100, who plays a significant role in electing the Pope. Do feel free to comment, if you like my blog. That is my energy drink, to write many more.


  1. Hi Aish, enjoyed going through your blog....looking forward to read more......

  2. Hey Neha thanks a lot. Looking forward to trip around with you soon.

  3. nicely written and pictures are perfect :)