Thursday, 3 April 2014

Maybelline ColorShow Review

HELLO all, all these pretty little ones are from Maybelline New York Colour show.
These were launched not so long ago in India and I got this product right away. These are best sellers today.
It’s just Rs.75, for a brand like Maybelline, it sounds like a sale season.
They come in 40 amazing shades and most of it suits the Indian skin tone (yay…)!!!

They impress not only by their price, but also by their quality, just one thick coat is enough to give an opaque look. It lasts for six-seven days in the left hand and legs, but in the right hand, it lasts for three days. Its fragrance is like most of the usual nail polishes.
These are my collections from Maybelline COLOR SHOW range. 
This is the first color I bought from this range.

FlestyFuschia (213)  

Is there a girl who doesn't fancy pink??? Well, this shade would grab all the girls (dolly kinda pink)two swipes of this gives a pretty look. 

Ladies Night (006)

This nail polish could be worn, when we go out for a party, as the name suggests. It’s a very bold color, just one thick coat is enough.

 Blueberry Ice (403)

This is the most popular shade of all the color show range. This color is famous as it is unique and gives us a Beachy or icy look. I like to wear this color when I go to beach, just one thick swipe is enough for a perfect look. If you have bigger nails unlike mine, please go ahead and 
use another swipe.

Silk Stockings (501)

It’s just like skin color with slight shimmer on it. This is one of my favorite colors in this range. Just two swipes of it, looks perfect on nails.

Nude Skin (015)

This is close to the skin color or beige shade. Two swipes of this is what we need from the bottle.If you are wondering, what the difference is? Between this and silk stocking, Well this one doesn’t have any shimmer, whereas silk stocking has shimmers.
I like both these shades. 

I will write about, rest of my fabulous collection, in my next blog, up until then do try and share your views for others benefit.  :) Cyl.

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